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BRIONES ARCHERS          May 12, 2017

President’s Message – Hurrah!  The Access Road is Reopening!!

Dear Briones Club Members and Archery Range Shooters,

It seems like it has been a long wait; but the access road bypass is being completed and will reopen for club members on Saturday May 13th!!

This means that Briones WILL be able to do the needed maintenance work on the range and WILL host our first Monday Night 3-D shoot on June 5th.

All this is due to the cooperation and can-do attitude of the EBRPD Management and that of the Briones Park Ranger, Joe Miller.  When told that nothing could be done until months in the future, Joe Miller didn’t take that as the final answer and found a way to provide access for our needed work on the range.  The Briones Archers Board gave its enthusiastic support to Joe’s efforts.  We are extremely happy that the East Bay Regional Park District was able to provide the equipment and the staff to get the access road open again for our use.  These folks were superb in the way they provided us service!

So, the long ordeal of having the access road closed for vehicle traffic will be over by the weekend and now we can do our part to help keep this range as the finest in the Bay Area.  Club members, please come on out on Saturday for a work party to clear the lanes, make targets, uncover the yard markers, trim the weeds around the bales, etc.  And then please come out for our Briones Archers Club picnic and shoot on Memorial Day, May 29th!

Monday Night 3-D shoots start June 5th!

President Stan Kolodzie



Commander Frank Tinley
Commander Frank Tinley

Founded in the late 60s, the Briones Archery Club descended from the old Roving Archers Club of El Sobrante. With the help from Bob and Millie Dean, Faye and Smitty Smith, Vern Thompson and his family, Ron Halpin and the help from many others leased land and laid out what would later become the Roving Archery range.

Many of the volunteer members donated funds from their own pockets, and went around asking for donations of materials, tools, bales of hay, wire and anything else that might come in handy and be of use to the club. They put in long hours and a lot of hard work to fulfill a dream.

The resulting Roving Archers range had 28 targets; it was chartered by the NFAA, a member of the local region (NCFAA) and the state organization (CBH/SAA). These folks continued to clear trails, remove poison oak, build bridges and install bow racks and yardage markers. They all had one thing in common: they loved archery, and wanted their own place to shoot and to show off, with great personal pride, each time another archer used their facility.

New housing and appreciating land values forced the Roving Archers off their range, but they did not quit, join other clubs or take up another hobby. Instead, they helped the newer, younger members take up the cause with the same sincerity with which they had started. These young members – Morris Abbott, Bernie Shapiro, Pat Norris, Dennis Duffy, Doug Welch and many others — negotiated with the East Bay Regional Parks District to move the club to its present location in Briones Park. Today, the Briones Archery range comprises of 42 targets over a 30 acre course, and it is also host to a number of 3D tournaments during the year. The 42 targets consist of 14 hunter targets, 14 field targets and 14 animals targets. There is also a practice range with targets ranging from 10 yards to 60 yards.

The name, the logo and the location have changed, but the spirit is the same. Some of the original ‘old timers’ are gone, some are life members that don’t shoot anymore and some are still here. Their legacy is the Briones Archery Club. Our future, as well as the future of all archery, depends on the lessons and inspiration passed down by our previous members, and by the amount of dedication, hard work and pride that the current members give to their club.

Today, the members of the Briones Archery Club are solely responsible for maintaining our 30 acre facility. We contribute our time and efforts toward target and range management programs, as well as our hosted tournaments. We offer a full range of shooting styles within the club, from Traditional to Freestyle.

Board members:
Stan Kolodzie
1st VP Frank Tinley
2nd VP Phil Myers
Secretary  Christine Tinley-Alvarez
Treasurer Robert (Buzz) Whalen
Range Captain Bob Jimenez
Representative Dennis Beach
Representative Bob Springsteen


1. No alcoholic beverages allowed.
2. No crossbows allowed in Briones Park
3. No hunting or pursuing of park animals
4. Keep all vehicle speeds below 10 MPH
5. Trash – if you brought it in then take it with you when you leave
6. No unleashed dogs allowed at any club event
7. Do not drive on wet park roads
8. When driving on roads give way to horseback riders and pedestrians
9. No firewood cutting
10. No Smoking or open fires
11. Do not remain in park after sundown
12. No broadheads are to be shot at range targets

Report any illegal activity to park Police emergency 510-881-1121

Briones Range Layout:

Briones Archers Range Map Final